Along the Tornio river

Leaving Oulu in the morning we head further North along the Tornio river, which runs between the countries of Finland and Sweden.

While the whole route makes a very scenic drive, the rapids of Kukkolankoski are definitely worth a stop. We are fascinated watching one of the dip-netters, a fisherman standing on a shaky looking wooden plank swinging an enormous fishing net with a long handle into the rapids hoping to catch some siika, whitefish.

Beautiful Kukkolankoski

In the evening, we have trouble finding a spot to park the van and keep driving longer than intended. Finally, a small campsite in Aavasaksa becomes our home for one night. It’s very basic and very stunning at the same time. Also, it gives us the chance to try out the different anti-mosquito products we brought with us. Reluctantly, have to go back into the van though if we do not want to be eaten alive. It feels exactly how I imagined a road trip through Finland.

The spot is amazing. Unfortunately, many mosquitoes think the same.

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