Memory is key or: an island to remember

Hailuonto island; Marjaniemi Bay – a place we know quite well now.

The lovely thing about a car that’s older than your driver‘s license is that it doesn’t only challenge you physically (by shifting into first gear for example) but also mentally. It simply requires you to think and remember stuff. There is no beep when driving backwards, no warning sound when you forget to turn off the lights or buckle up. To lock, you press down the respective buttons on each individual door.

It also means that it is possible to leave your keys within the vehicle, slide the door shut that you have carefully locked previously and realise only then that you have no way to get those keys back yourself.

If you manage to pull this stunt on an island in the Baltic Sea, about 1 1/2 hours including a ferry ride away from the next big town it gives you the chance to explore your actual whereabouts for a little more than you might have planned.

Well, lucky enough our rental contract includes the insurance for a mechanic to come out to the island and help us. He removes the glass window between the back of the van and the front seating row and reached for the key with some sort of fishing rod. Mats of course rates this as the most exciting part of the trip, especially because the mechanic from Oulu arrived in a massive red towing-truck.

It’s almost an improvement to the van 🙂

While it’s very frustrating at the moment, it could be worse. Neither are we stuck in a truly remote place, nor is the weather bad. On the contrary, we even visit the local lighthouse and get an excellent view. Also, the whole episode only costs us a few hours and no money. And some days later, we even see the value of the ‘service hatch’ we have now 🙂


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